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The Only Steve Emtman Poster Ever Produced? #1 Overall NFL Draft Pick, 1992

April 16, 2009

I’ll be honest – before I punched his name into a Google search, I did not remember who Steve Emtman was. And yet, here’s a guy who, 17 years ago this month, was the talk of the NFL Draft, going #1 overall to the Indianapolis Colts as a dominating Defensive Lineman out of the University of Washington. Injuries prevented his NFL career from ever truly taking off, so after this amazing release produced by the legendary Costacos Brothers company from a pre-rookie-season photo shoot, you’ll find no record of Emtman in the annals of sports poster history.

We found this poster hidden away in a box of mixed stock we obtained about a year ago, and have just posted it to eBay as a featured auction. I’m pretty certain we’ll never come across one of these again, so if you’re a big-time Huskies or Colts collector, you won’t want to miss your chance at owning this one. My guess is, there’s at least a few fans of this College Hall of Famer who will bid this up substantially. Auction ends April 23, 2009 at 8:43 pm EDT. If you come along after this date and time…sorry, I can’t help you find another one of these posters – you’ll just have to admire the picture!

Ichiro Suzuki earns his place on your Wall of Fame

March 24, 2009

What was I doing, transfixed to the television at 1:00 am EDT this morning, dead tired while nursing a cold, and having two little children to help take care of in less than six hours? I was watching one of the best baseball games I’ve ever seen! After two weeks of trying to follow a lacklustre group of teams playing an incomprehensible tournament format in front of mostly empty stadiums, the World Baseball Classic concluded with a truly amazing Japan-Korea final. The secret? These were actual TEAMS competing, not assembled groups of spring training refugees who’s GMs didn’t forbid them from taking part. After a 9 innings of amazing defense, intense strategy, clutch hitting, and dominant pitching, it was only fitting that the legendary Ichiro Suzuki would break the tie with a remarkable 8-pitch at-bat that resulted in a two-run single and a 5-3 Japanese victory. With his clutch performance, he definitely earned his spot on my Wall-of-Fame! Click on any of the images below for more info on these great Ichiro additions to your wall:

Ichiro Suzuki Signature Series Premium Felt Collectors Pennant

Ichiro Suzuki Signature Series Premium Felt Collector's Pennant

Ichiro Suzuki The Swing Multi-Exposure Batting Photographic Print

Ichiro Suzuki "The Swing" Multi-Exposure Batting Photographic Print

Ichiro Suzuki Seattle Star Seattle Mariners Poster

Ichiro Suzuki "Seattle Star" Seattle Mariners Poster

And other Team Japan players available: Kosuke Fukudome,  Daisuke Matsuzaka.

NFL Evolution Poster – 82 Years of NFL Football Uniform History by George Gaadt

October 17, 2008

Are you a sports uniform afficionado? A fan with an interest in the history of football and the NFL? If so, you may want to add “NFL Evolution” to your wall and your collection:

This amazing poster – originally published in 2005 for sale at Super Bowl XL in Detroit – chronicles 82 years of NFL style, depicting the original uniforms of all 32 franchises starting with the 1920 Chicago Staleys (now the Bears), and finishing with the youngest franchise, the Houston Texans (2002). (You can view the legend for this poster here through this special link.) It also includes the current helmet designs for all teams, and as a bonus, gives you the history of the NFL pigskin ball itself. It’s a true beauty for your wall, and at a full 42.5″ in length, it makes a big, bold statement. Currently just $17.95 at (and more elsewhere), you won’t find a better deal anywhere.

The poster was designed by artist George Gaadt, who has done great NFL work for over 25 years. You can see more of his sports work here at his web site.


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