Giant-Sized Derek Jeter poster now available; David Beckham available soon.

Good news! The poster publishers are finally “getting it”, and are understanding that, when it comes to action posters, BIGGER IS BETTER! Fathead, the company that has spent millions of dollars promoting their $100 life-sized wall stickers, has, if nothing else, hit on an underserved segment of the market: oversized sports action imagery. Costacos Sports, the¬†venerable licensed sports poster publisher, has (at our urging), finally begun to bring back the door-sized sports poster. They started back in February, with this door-sized Indianapolis Colts poster, which was a big hit:


Colts Super Bowl XLI Champs Door-Sized Poster – $14.95

Now, just released today, they have added this Derek Jeter “Big-Time” door-sized action poster:


Derek Jeter “Big-Time” – $14.95

Finally, Aquarius Images, a Canadian publisher of primarily music and movie-related posters, has jumped into the sports game with an MLS Soccer license, and are launching this amazing David Beckham “Big-Time” door-sized poster later this month:


David Beckham “Big-Time” – $19.95

As homes get bigger, and as reproduction technology gets better, oversized posters like these should become the norm in the future, rather than the exception that they are now.

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