Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies, Cleveland Indians: Slim Pickings for Posters (right now…)

Congratulations, fans of the D-Backs, Rockies, Indians and Red Sox! A very exciting race to the World Series is about to begin for you, and fans of baseball everywhere. Unfortunately, for three of these teams, poster pickings are very slim at the moment. Always slow to react to a phenomenon, the folks at Costacos Sports have not released a single player poster for the D-Backs, Rockies, or Indians all season! There’s little doubt in my mind, good action posters of Brandon Webb, Chris Young, Troy Tulowitzki, Matt Holliday, Grady Sizemore, CC Sabathia, and Victor Martinez would be top-of-the-charts sellers right now, if they were available. But, until the World Series is done, you’ll have to settle for what’s out there. First, for the D-Backs, there’s this new team logo poster published this season:

Arizona Diamondbacks Official Logo PosterAZ Diamondbacks Official Logo Poster (2007)

and this nice overhead shot of Chase Field on game night:
Chase Field Phoenix Aerial View PosterChase Field “From Above” – Aerial Views 2005

For the Rockies, we’ve still got this nice Todd Helton poster from a few seasons back:

Todd Helton Colorado Rockies PosterTodd Helton “Super Slugger” – Costacos Sports 2003

and this amazing panoramic view of Coors Field:

Coors Field Panoramic Poster PrintCoors Field “Top of the Fourth” – Everlasting Images Inc.

For Indians fans, there’s last season’s release “Sluggers”, featuring Pronk & Sizemore:

Cleveland Indians Poster Grady Sizemore Travis HafnerCleveland Indians “Sluggers” (Travis Hafner & Grady Sizemore) – Costacos Sports 2006

and this amazing panorama of Jacobs Field, going all the way back to Opening Day 1994:

Jacobs Field Cleveland Panoramic Poster Print

Jacobs Field “First Pitch” Panorama – Everlasting Images 1994

And for Red Sox fans? You guys are spoiled! Papi, Varitek, Dice-K, Schilling, and much more available here in The Boston Red Sox Poster Collection.

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