“It really ties the room together.” – The Richard Nixon Bowling Poster

Surprising things can happen when you run a business, and we are no exception to this rule here at Sports Poster Warehouse. When we purchased a small run of this bowling poster some five years ago, we kind of underestimated its potential. Why? Because this particular poster features Richard Nixon bowling.

Sure, you could argue that we’re stretching the idea of “Sports Posters” with this one, but to quote Homer Simpson “If Horse Racing is the sport of kings, then surely Bowling is a… very good sport also”. Plus, rumor has it that Richard Nixon once claimed to have bowled a perfect game, and honestly, if you can’t trust Richard Nixon, who can you trust?

This striking image of Nixons bowling form was popularized in the cult Coen brothers classic, The Big Lebowski.  Sitting above El Duderinos (I’m not into the brevity thing) bar, Richard Nixon bowling was the perfect compliment to the perfect rug.

Nixon was quite an avid bowler, and the lanes that Dick used to frequent were found within the White House itself. The White House museum believes that this image was taken in 1970 in the two-lanes that were later moved to the Old Executive Office Building.

Bowling lanes within walking distance of the Oval Office date back to ’54, when President Truman was presented with one as a gift. As the story goes, Truman didn’t really care for bowling, but allowed his staff to start a league. Nixon decided to build his own lanes in the 70s, and at a cost of $41,000 lanes were built in an underground workspace. This was kept quiet and it is claimed that friends of the Nixon family footed the bill.

The good people that manufacture Richard Nixon Bowling have recently shipped us an updated version of this popular poster – Dick remains the same however he is now printed on a heavier stock paper, giving the image a much finer finish.

Still our highest selling item by far, Richard Nixon Bowling is the perfect gift for anyone who is into bowling, driving around and the occasional acid flashback – purchase yours today!

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