Great NHL Goalie Posters

Now that the regular National Hockey League season has ended, the real season begins.   This year’s playoffs feature a lot of great talent and of course great goaltenders.   The Sports Poster Warehouse has a brand new goalie poster NHL Stoppers 2008:

 NHL Stoppers

This poster features action shots of six top stoppers, Martin Brodeur, Miikka Kiprusoff, Ryan Miller, Roberto Luongo, Henrik Lundqvist and Cam Ward

There are a lot of great goalie posters available, but I find that most of my favorites are the netcam posters.  One of the more infamous netcam posters and one of my favorites at the Sports Poster Warehouse is Mike Richter “Netcam”

Mike Richter Netcam

This poster is an absolutely amazing picture from a perspective only seen through the eyes of the Netcam. 

Another amazing Netcam poster, which is similar to the Mike Richter Netcam poster is Byron Dafoe “Netcam”

Byron Dafoe netcam

This is also one of the nicest hockey posters ever produced.   Straight from the eye of the Netcam at New York’s Madison Square Garden, this features the remarkable image of Byron Dafoe of the Boston Bruins attempting to make a brilliant glove save.

Yet another beautiful Netcam poster is Curtis Joseph “Netcam”.

Cujo Netcam

This poster truly takes you as close to the action as you can get without being on the ice. 

Everytime I see this classic poster, Cam Neely “Line of Fire”, which is now sadly out of print, I wonder what it would be like to face a Cam Neely slapshot, something like staring down the barrel of a loaded hockey weapon. 

Cam Neely Line of Fire

This spectacular poster features one of the greatest snipers of a generation, Cam Neely, from the perspective of a helpless goalie about to take one off the noggin.  One of the coolest posters you’ll ever see. 

Everytime I look at this poster, I am taken back to that great day at Ralph Wilson Stadium on New Year’s Day,  “Outdoor Magic” – Sidney Crosby vs. Ryan Miller,

Winter Classic

This poster features the thrilling conclusion of the dramatic game, the signature image of the day – the Pittsburgh Penguins’ sensational Sidney Crosby breaking in on toque-capped Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller on the final breakaway of the overtime shootout, just a second away from potting the winner and celebrating victory.

Enjoy the hockey playoffs. 

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2 Comments on “Great NHL Goalie Posters”

  1. Blade Bricker Says:

    Sir or Ma’am,

    I had a poster when I was kid of a goalie in the butterfly position with a USA jersey and the olympic rings behind him. Have you ever seen this or know where I can find another.

    Thank You

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