JUST RELEASED: Flordia Gators 2008 BCS Champions Commemorative Poster

Florida Gators 2008 BCS Champions Commemorative Poster
Florida Gators 2008 BCS Champions Commemorative Poster

Florida fans, rejoice – your school has, once again, proven itself to be the class of the nation! Led by the classiest of all college stars, QB Tim Tebow, the Gators won a no-doubter over the Oklahoma Sooners, and took home the National Championship from the big game in Miami.

As they always do, within hours of the result, publisher Action Images Inc. hit the presses with the official commemorative poster, and this year’s is a beauty! With the title “The Battle is Won”, it features some of the most intense NCAA football action art ever, the Gators’ complete 2008 schedule with game results (including, unfortunately, that 1-point loss to Ole’ Miss that cost the team a chance at perfection), and the official “3-Time Champs” logo.

Action Image publishes these posters primarily for the bookstores of the winning school, as well as for other specialty retailers in the region; so quantities are always limited, and availability is always sparse. But we always get our alottment, to make available to fans not only in the school’s region, but to fans worldwide! We’re starting this year’s poster at just $14.95 each, but the price is certain to rise as stocks dry up. If you want bring your wall alive with Florida football history, order now to avoid disappointment!

And don’t forget to step back in time, and add to your order the posters from the 2006 BCS Championship, and the 2006-2007 back-to-back basketball champs – available, with much more, in our Florida Gators Collection.

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One Comment on “JUST RELEASED: Flordia Gators 2008 BCS Champions Commemorative Poster”

  1. That’s a nice poster! I’ve been a fan of Florida ever since. What’s really remarkable about this poster is the sheer energy and momentum that it portrays. Brilliant piece of work! Congratulations!

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