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JUST RELEASED: Flordia Gators 2008 BCS Champions Commemorative Poster

January 10, 2009
Florida Gators 2008 BCS Champions Commemorative Poster
Florida Gators 2008 BCS Champions Commemorative Poster

Florida fans, rejoice – your school has, once again, proven itself to be the class of the nation! Led by the classiest of all college stars, QB Tim Tebow, the Gators won a no-doubter over the Oklahoma Sooners, and took home the National Championship from the big game in Miami.

As they always do, within hours of the result, publisher Action Images Inc. hit the presses with the official commemorative poster, and this year’s is a beauty! With the title “The Battle is Won”, it features some of the most intense NCAA football action art ever, the Gators’ complete 2008 schedule with game results (including, unfortunately, that 1-point loss to Ole’ Miss that cost the team a chance at perfection), and the official “3-Time Champs” logo.

Action Image publishes these posters primarily for the bookstores of the winning school, as well as for other specialty retailers in the region; so quantities are always limited, and availability is always sparse. But we always get our alottment, to make available to fans not only in the school’s region, but to fans worldwide! We’re starting this year’s poster at just $14.95 each, but the price is certain to rise as stocks dry up. If you want bring your wall alive with Florida football history, order now to avoid disappointment!

And don’t forget to step back in time, and add to your order the posters from the 2006 BCS Championship, and the 2006-2007 back-to-back basketball champs – available, with much more, in our Florida Gators Collection.


Utah football fans: Utah Utes vs. BYU Game Night Panoramic Poster Print (First Ever?)

December 9, 2008

As you await the glory of the upcoming Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, you can finally – FINALLY! – bring your wall alive with a celebration of Utah Utes football. And this one works as both a brilliant fan’s piece, and a breathtaking work of photographic sports art! One of the nicest panoramic football stadium prints we’ve ever sold (and the first of Utah football), this features 2nd-quarter action from the November 22, 2008 rivalry match against BYU:

Utah vs. BYU 2008 Panoramic Poster Print - Rice-Eccles Stadium

Utah vs. BYU 2008 Panoramic Poster Print - Rice-Eccles Stadium

Entitled “Perfect Season”, this is a gallery-quality print that looks absolutely amazing on the wall. And if you were there that night – WOW! I’m jealous.

Finally! New York GIANTS STADIUM Gameday Panoramic Poster Print

December 9, 2008

It’s about time! Nearly a decade after releasing “Rivalry at the Meadowlands”, renowned stadium photographer Rob Arra has finally published a new Giants Stadium print. Titled “6 Yard Line”, it features the opening drive of the 2008 season, as the Giants begin their championship defense with a win over the Washington Redskins. Click on the image here for full details. In stock just in time for holiday shipping!

Giants Stadium "6 Yard Line" Panoramic Poster Print
Giants Stadium “6 Yard Line” Panoramic Poster Print

 And the ultimate companion piece to this one: the Super Bowl XLII Panoramic Print, from the Giants amazing win over the Patriots in the desert:

Super Bowl XLII Panoramic Poster Print
Super Bowl XLII Panoramic Poster Print

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Official Posters (Primary Logo, Mascots)

October 29, 2008
Vancouver 2010 Official Poster Combo
Vancouver 2010 Official Poster Combo

Big news for Olympic collectors and excited Vancouverites! The first official poster releases for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games have been released, and are now in stock at The Sports Poster Warehouse. Available as a two-poster combo, you get the always-sought-after “Primary Logo” poster, and the cuter-than-cute “Mascots” design. Introductory price is just $19.95. Hopefully we’ll be able to hold the price here for a while.

Because traditional retailers HATE selling posters, we are currently the only online seller currently selling this item. Not even the official Vancouver 2010 shop has it available!

The First to Have Official Super Bowl 43 Posters – Tampa Bay 2009!

September 5, 2008

It is official, the Super Bowl 43 posters have come in and is first to have them on preorder!

These two posters are collector’s items and are sure to be sought after!

First is the Super Bowl XLIII (Tampa 2009) Official Theme Art Poster,” which has a great design this year. 

The real jaw-dropper of the two is the SUPER TICKETS XLIII (2009) Poster”.  This great poster features the game tickets from each of the previous Super Bowls.

Be sure to get yours quickly!

Michael Phelps “8 Gold” Poster (2008), Mark Spitz “7 Gold” Poster (1972)

August 21, 2008

Fans of the now-legendary Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps will be thrilled to know that the instant-classic Sports Illustrated cover of August 25, 2008 is being published as a gallery-quality 18″x24″ poster for your wall (pre-ordering starts now; shipping starts 09/02/2008):

Michael Phelps 8 Gold! Poster (2008)

Admittedly, SI was trying to re-create the feel of this old poster – one of the best-selling sports posters of all-time, Mark Spitz “7 Gold!”, the 1972 classic that helped launch the company Studio One into prominence as the #1 poster publisher of the 1970s:
Mark Spitz "7 Gold" Poster (1972)

Mark Spitz "7 Gold" (1972)

This poster was published in several versions throughout 1972 and 1973 (door-sized version seen here), with print runs likely in the hundreds of thousands – but unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to find one available for sale in any type of decent condition. We do know that one copy is held at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia, as part of its Speedo Swimwear Collection (click on the link for further detailed information on the poster). Our guess on the value of one of these posters in decent condition? At least $300.

Michael Phelps Swimming Posters – “Ready…” and “Athens Haul” Now Available

August 20, 2008
Michael Phelps Ready Poster - Speedo 2008

Michael Phelps "Ready" Poster - Speedo 2008

It took an amazing eight gold medals in a single Olympic games – but finally, our customers are desperately seeking Michael Phelps posters! It will likely be a couple of months before anything specifically commemorating his Beijing 2008 performance will be released, but in the meantime, we’ve added two spectacular posters to our selection. First, there’s “Ready…” (see pic above), an intense, patriotic beauty released in June 2008. Published for distribution to Sports Authority stores by Speedo in anticipation of the Olympics, very few of these ended up in customers’ hands. We were lucky enough to obtain a small quantity from a Boston-area memorabilia dealer, and are making them available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Also available is this step back in time, “Athens Haul”, to his last eight-medal performance (6 gold, 2 bronze). A classic collector’s item, officially licensed by the USOC:

Michael Phelps Athens Haul 2004 Olympics Poster

Michael Phelps "Athens Haul" 2004 Olympics Poster

We’re working on bringing in a couple more options from a source in Phelps’ agent’s office. Stay tuned!
UPDATE: Now also in stock: “8 Gold!” and “Determination” (Butterfly), both from the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing:
Michael Phelps "8 Gold!" Sports Illustrated Cover Poster

Michael Phelps "8 Gold!" Sports Illustrated Cover Poster


Michael Phelps "Determination" (Butterfly) Poster

Michael Phelps "Determination" (Butterfly) Poster