Heroes of NFL Conference Semifinal Saturday: Flacco, Pitta, Lewis, Rice; Kaepernick, Crabtree, Gore, Willis

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Saturday, January 12, 2013 featured two of the most dynamic and exciting NFL playoff games in recent memory. Here’s our tribute, in posters – all available to order today from SportsPosterWarehouse.com!

From the thrilling OT victory of the Baltimore Ravens over the Denver Broncos, there’s unfairly-maligned gunslinging QB Joe Flacco:

Joe Flacco LOOK DEEP Baltimore Ravens QB Poster Print – Photofile 16×20

Who completed a clutch long pass late in the fourth quarter to his underrated Tight End, Dennis Pitta:

Dennis Pitta RAVENS ACTION Baltimore Ravens Tight End Poster Print – Photofile 16×20

and used his mighty-little-bulldog, running back Ray Rice, to perfection:

Ray Rice SIGNATURE EXTRA-LARGE Premium Felt Pennant – Baltimore Ravens NFL Football – Wincraft

Earning the great Ray Lewis at least one more week to go in his legendary career:


Ray Lewis THE RAYZOR Poster – Baltimore Ravens – Starline 2001

Then, there was San Francisco 49ers QB phenom Colin Kaepernick:

Colin Kaepernick DYNAMO San Francisco 49ers Premium Poster Print (2012) – Photofile Inc. 16×20

Who got the most out of his own legs, and his gamebreaking wide receiver Michael Crabtree:

Michael Crabtree ACTION Premium Felt Collector’s Pennant (LE /1,000) – San Francisco 49ers

And the Niners’ all-time leading rusher, Frank Gore…

Frank Gore BIG GAIN San Francisco 49ers Poster Print (2011) – Photofile 16×20

But the difference in the game was mostly the defense, where Patrick Willis dominated like no one on the hapless Packers:

Patrick Willis BIG-TIME Extra-Large San Francisco 49ers Premium Felt Pennant – NFL Football

What a night at Candlestick!

San Francisco 49ers Candlestick Park Game Night (2012) Panoramic Poster Print

Gym Fitness Posters Transform Workout Spaces into True Motivational Zones

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Exercise posters from Sports Poster Warehouse provide a “personal trainer on the wall,” helping gym-goers and dieters stick with their workout routines, and keep their “eyes on the prize” for New Years’ weight loss.

Toronto, Ontario, January11, 2013 –Motivation is key when it comes to dieting and fitness and The Sports Poster Warehouse-the world’s leader in sports décor, has just the visual stimuli to keep anyone in shape, whether they’re working out at a gym, fitness center or at home in their basement. From instructional based fitness posters offering stretching exercises, diet and nutrition posters, step-by-step guides to dumbbell workouts and motivational messaging posters aimed at keeping atheletes’ “eyes on the prize,” The Sports Poster Warehouse offers a wide range of sports posters and fitness posters to help get fitness buffs, (and those working hard at getting buff) “into the zone” in their workout space.

As the world focuses on starting 2013 New Years resolutions out on the right foot, many Americans and Canadians resolve (yet again!) to get in shape, lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. Some even consider to use best teenage diet pills.Instructional exercise and motivational posters, posted in a place where they can be easily seen every day, can provide a powerful visual reminder of fitness and weight loss goals, and empower those looking to get fit to stick to their new workout routine.

“January is our busiest time of the year,” says Neil Flagg, President of The Sports Poster Warehouse. “With all the New Year’s resolutions, everyone is hitting the gym or hopping back on the treadmill in an effort to get into shape and focus on wellness. Our posters can help motivate, instruct and inspire those workouts.”

For Stefanie De Rossi, a Toronto fitness trainer, exercise instructional posters help remind her clients of the safe and proper way to perform an exercise, as well as encourage them to try it on their own in between training sessions. “A gym fitness poster can be your “personal trainer on the wall,” for clients who are planning their own workouts, or don’t have a trainer with them that day,” says De Rossi. “They are a powerful reminder to help you stay on track and motivated in your fitness routine.”

So which posters should fitness enthusiasts choose to help conquer their fitness goals? The Sports Poster Warehouse has just released their list of the top 10 fitness posters, perfect for any gym, weight room or home workout space. Their full collection is available online.

Click here to see all posters below.

10.Cardio Training Zone Fitness Wall Chart
9. Marilyn Monroe Pumping Iron (1952)
8. Yoga Wall Chart (Paths, Chakras, Positions)
7. Fitness Area Rules Wall Chart
6. “Runner’s Passion” Inspirational Running Poster
5. Nutrition for Sport Instructional Wall Chart
4. Women’s Exercise & Muscle Guide
3. “Passion + Commitment = Results” Motivational Poster
2. Stretching Exercise Wall Chart Set
1. Dumbbell Workout Wall Charts

About The Sports Poster Warehouse
The Sports Poster Warehouse is the world’s #1 source for new, rare and vintage sports posters. Launched in 1998, SPW is a sports, fitness and motivational poster and pennant leader. Featuring current and vintage styles of posters and pennants, SPW carries physical inventory of the vast majority of its online offerings, ensuring customers receive products in a timely manner. With headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, SPW also has a local commercial showroom.To see best-selling posters and to order online for rapid delivery across the USA, Canada and around the world, visit sportsposterwarehouse.com.


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NHL Poster Sales Down 40 Percent During Lockout

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NHL Poster Sales Down 40 Percent During Lockout

Hockey fans show their work stoppage displeasure with a strike of their own

Toronto, Ontario, January 7, 2012 – SportsPosterWarehouse.com (SPW), a leading online destination for sports posters and pennants, revealed today that NHL poster and pennant sales were down 40 percent for Q4 2012. This downward trend reveals that hockey fans staged a strike of their own, choosing to no longer purchase NHL related products during the lockout that will effectively end this month.

“Generally, professional hockey hero and NHL team posters are scarcely available in most American sporting goods stores. Thus, for many years, SPW has been a popular destination for NHL lovers. During the lockout, not even Sidney Crosby himself is selling well,” explains Neil Flagg, President of SportsPosterWarehouse.com.

The high period for a sports poster sales is during its respective season play. However, despite the fact that the NHL season is expected to begin in January, SPW forecasts that fan interest in NHL product sales will pick up somewhat, but wont fully rebound, in part due to lingering fan dissatisfaction with the work stoppage.

About SportsPosterWarehouse.com

Launched in 1998, SportsPosterWarehouse.com (SPW) is a sports, fitness and motivational poster and pennant leader. Featuring current and vintage styles of posters and pennants, SPW carries physical inventory of the vast majority of its online offerings, ensuring customers receive products in a timely manner. With headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, SPW also has a local commercial showroom.

Contact Info:

Media Manager

Top 10 Fitness poster ideas for your professional or home gym

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Do your gym walls need a facelift? As New Year’s brings your gym alive with new commitment and new routines, make sure you bring your walls alive to make your workouts more productive! Here are the Top 10 Fitness poster ideas of 2013 from the world’s leader in sports decor, The Sports Poster Warehouse. Order online any time for rapid delivery right to your door, to all 50 States, and anywhere else in the world!

10. Cardio Training Zone Fitness Wall Chart – from our Cardio Fitness Wall Charts Collection.

Cardio Training Zone Fitness Wall Chart Poster – Fitnus Corp.

Every gym needs one of these charts, which feature the American Heart Association and the President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports’ universal guidelines for cardiovascular workouts. This chart, other similar designs, and charts for specific cardio equipment (Elliptical, Treadmill, Stationary Cycle, etc.) found in our Cardio Training Wall Chart Collection.

9. Marilyn Monroe “Pumping Iron” (c.1952) Classic Poster Print – from our Black & White Fitness Poster Collection.

Marilyn Monroe “Pumping Iron” (1952) Poster Print – Fotofolio Inc.

This has been one of our top-selling fitness-related posters for nearly a decade! Need we say more? This, and other great black-and-white beauties, available in our Fitness Black & White Collection.

8. Yoga Wall Chart (Paths, Chakras, Positions) – from our Yoga Fitness Collection.

Yoga Wall Chart Poster (Paths, Chakras, Positions) – Nuova 1984

Also a long-time classic, this amazing wall chart uses colorful graphics and informative text to bring all aspects of Yoga alive – the physical, mental, and spiritual union that makes Yoga one of the fastest-growing areas of body fitness in the world! This, and much more, available in our Yoga Collection.

7. Fitness Area Rules Wall Chart Poster – from our Gym Rules Posters Collection.

Fitness Area Rules Wall Chart Poster – Productive Fitness

For the professional gym owner – or the home gym owner who’s husband JUST. WON’T. GET. IT. – we have this design, and many more, in our Gym Rules Poster Collection.

6. “Runner’s Passion” – from our Running Collection.

Runner’s Passion (Winter Road) Motivational Running Poster

Indoor workouts and outdoor running often go hand-in-hand. And nothing says “Just Do It” like the scene in this brilliant poster, which leaves you with NO EXCUSES to avoid getting out in the fresh air and continuing your journey to fitness. This, and more, in our Running Collection.

5. Nutrition for Sport Instructional Wall Chart – from our Nutrition Fitness Posters Collection.

NUTRITION FOR SPORT Healthy Diet Fitness Wall Chart Poster – Chartex Ltd.

Our favorite nutritional fitness poster comes from UK’s Chartex Products, another of our exclusive professional fitness poster publishers. With help from senior sports scientists, this one is designed brilliantly for the wall of any health professional – as the poster says, “Choose Well – Eat Well – Perform Well”.

4. Women’s Exercise & Muscle Guide – from our Anatomy Charts Collection.

Women’s Exercise and Muscle Guide Wall Chart Poster – Fitnus Corp.

Anatomy charts are another “must-have” for every serious gym – and we have many of them! This is one of our favorites (and there’s a matching Men’s Guide as well); but you’ll find 15 additional styles in our Anatomy Wall Charts Collection.

3. “Passion + Commitment = Results” Motivational Poster – from our Motivational Collection.

Passion + Commitment = Results (Women’s Fitness) – SportsPosterWarehouse.com

Just as important as professional instructional charts, are posters with images and messages that inspire you to new heights! This is one of the best motivational posters we’ve ever seen, but you can have your choice from over 500 selections in our Motivational Collection.

2. Stretching Exercise Wall Chart Set (3-Poster Combo) – from our Stretching Fitness Poster Collection.

Stretching Exercise Wall Chart Set (3-Poster Combo) – Chartex

Proper stretching techniques can make or break a workout – and yet, as any fitness professional could affirm, almost everyone does it wrong! This amazing 3-poster set is the most comprehensive guide to proper stretching. Available as one of a dozen choices in our Stretching Fitness Collection.

1. Dumbbell Workout 2-Poster Combo – from our Strength Training Collection.

Dumbbell Workout 2-Poster Combo – Fitnus Posters Inc.

Finally, here’s our best-selling Fitness item – showing you that, with a simple pair of dumbbells, almost every muscle in the body can be toned to perfection! Part of our extensive Strength Training Collection. Perhaps you’ve seen these posters hanging in a gym near you!

The Top 10 New Sports Posters of 2012

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It’s that time of the year – Top 10 time! Here is a review of our top 10 new posters of 2012.

11. All right, we couldn’t quite narrow it down to 10, so we’ll start with one that could have been left off the list, but holds a soft spot in our hearts:

Jeremy Lin “Broadway Hit” – Photofile 16×20

During that February-March period in the sports calendar we normally call the “ESPN Dead Zone”, a little-known third-string point guard emerged from the shadows to light Manhattan, and the NBA universe, on fire! Jeremy Lin spun that miraculous run with the Knicks into a $25 million contract with the Houston Rockets to become the face of that franchise. Lin Houston Rockets posters to come in 2013…

10. Another little cheat on the “Top 10” format here. We couldn’t make room for both of the world’s top soccer stars, so we combined them under one entry:

Cristiano Ronaldo “Superstar” Real Madrid Action Poster (2012/13)

Lionel Messi “Concentration” FC Barcelona Poster (2012/13)

These spectacular posters come from our exclusive North American distribution agreement with the official Real Madrid and Barcelona poster publisher. Flown in from Granada, Spain just in time for Christmas 2012!

9. Our final “cheat” – the two baseball stars for whom the word “phenom” hardly suffices:

Mike Trout “Stealing Third” – Photofile 16×20

Bryce Harper “Launch” – Costacos 2012

Mike Trout and Bryce Harper, who starred as rookies at ages 20 and 19, respectively, will be subject of many, many more posters in the years to come!

8. There are few institutions that represent good-old American values of intellectual, moral, and physical greatness better than Notre Dame – and in 2012, Notre Dame was back!

Notre Dame Football “A Celebration of 125 Years” Panoramic Print

On the way to a perfect season and their first chance at National Championship glory since 1988, Blakeway Worldwide Panoramas stopped in to South Bend, Indiana to take this spectacular rare night-game shot of the legendary stadium, during the mid-season victory over rival Michigan.

7. Now this one’s both historic, and cool!

“From Kentucky to the NBA” (5 Draft Picks) – Costacos 2012

The dominating 2012 Kentucky Wildcats, NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champions, sent no less than five of its stars to the NBA via the NBA Draft: Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Terrence Jones, Marquis Teague and Doron Lamb. This amazing poster flies each player to his rookie-year destination from Lexington, in time for opening night!

6. Celebrate, Giants fans – Eli and the boys did the impossible yet again, and knocked off Brady and “Hoodie” in the big game!

New York Giants “Celebration XLVI” Super Bowl Championship Commemorative Poster – Costacos 2012

This poster brings the Super Bowl XLVI champion New York Giants alive with amazing style, including shots of Eli Manning with the MVP trophy, and Mario Manningham making his ridiculous game-saving sideline grab.

5. The Panda, making history!

Pablo Sandoval 2012 World Series MVP Commemorative Poster (3-HR Game 1)

Credit for this amazing piece goes to our friend, photographer Brad Mangin (@BradMangin on Twitter), who was live in the photographer’s pit in San Francisco to capture all three moments-of-contact for Pablo Sandoval in his historic 3-HR Game 1 of the 2012 World Series.

4. You know you’re something when an entire nation knows you by five simple letters at the age of 22: RGIII!

Robert Griffin III “Arrival” Washington Redskins Rookie-Year Poster (2012)

Like Trout and Harper above, we’re quite certain that this phenom will be the subject of many, many more posters in the future. Combining humility, personality, and absolutely sick skills, Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins has a chance to become a transcendent national superstar, a Michael Jordan of football. Here’s hoping the folks at Costacos step up with some even better designs, and make him a lock for #1 in 2013!

3. More than 100 years of history, celebrating the world’s #1 sporting spectacle!

Summer Olympic Games 1896-2008 Officia IOCl Poster Collection Poster

For several years now, we have been the exclusive North American retailer of the IOC’s official Olympic poster reprints, but in conjunction with their 2012 London Olympic Games collection, Pyramid Posters released this amazing piece this year. A must for any Olympics fan and serious poster collector!

2.From the MMA fight of the year!

UFC 154 Official Fight Bill Poster (St-Pierre vs Condit, Montreal 11/17/2012)

From an otherwise ho-hum year in MMA came this barnburner of a fight in Montreal – when hometown favorite Georges St-Pierre came back from a long layoff to take down Carlos Condit and prove himself once again to be pound-for-pound the greatest fighter in the game! This poster has it all, too – spectacular golden hues, all the event details, and the perfect belt-to-belt face-off shot that screams intensity. We are pleased to be the UFC’s exclusive retailer in the poster specialty market, giving us access to the official posters that are otherwise only seen on bar and restaurant walls!

1. A work of high-flying hoops beauty!

Miami Heat ACTION STARS NBA Action Poster – LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade – Costacos Sports

The core of the dominating NBA Champion Miami Heat, each flushing down a slam, showing off the three styles of Heat uniforms, with awesome superhero-inspired graphics – this one truly has it all, one for the ages. If 2012 was the start of a new NBA dynasty, then this one will remain on fans’ walls for a long, long time.

Top 10 of 2012 – Coming Soon

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Stay tuned…

Boston Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup Champions Commemorative Posters

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For generations of Boston Bruins fans, there was only one image that came to mind when the words “Bruins” and “Stanley Cup” came together: the iconic black-and-white shot of Bobby Orr scoring the winning goal way back in 1970. After winning another cup in 1972, it took another 39 years before “The Goal” was finally relegated to secondary memory, as on June 15, 2011, the Bruins shocked the Canucks in Vancouver to win Game 7 and become Stanley Cup Champions once again!

Commemorative posters of the 2011 victory are now in stock. First, the annual “Champions” collage poster, featuring six superstars in action surrounding hockey’s holy grail itself, the Stanley Cup (in this case, Milan Lucic, Nathan Horton, David Krejci, Patrice Bergeron, Zdeno Chara and Tim Thomas):

Boston Bruins 2011 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS Commemorative Poster

Boston Bruins 2011 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS Commemorative Poster

Next, own the classic “On-Ice Celebration Portrait”, a professional photo print from Photofile Inc.:

Boston Bruins Stanley Cup 2010 ON-ICE CELEBRATION TEAM PORTRAIT Poster Print

Boston Bruins Stanley Cup 2010 ON-ICE CELEBRATION TEAM PORTRAIT Poster Print

Next up, this poster commemorating beloved goalie Tim Thomas and his Conn Smythe Trophy MVP performance in the 2011 playoffs:

Tim Thomas CONN SMYTHE WINNER (Stanley Cup MVP) Poster

Tim Thomas CONN SMYTHE WINNER (Stanley Cup MVP) Poster

Here’s an annual favorite: the Stanley Cup Champions Panoramic Print from Rob Arra’s Everlasting Images, featuring a breathtaking inside look at TD Banknorth Arena during Game 6 of the Finals, along with celebration photos, and other great details that make it the ultimate for any hometown fan:

Boston Bruins TD Banknorth Garden 2011 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS Panorama

Boston Bruins TD Banknorth Garden 2011 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS Panorama

Finally, there’s “Celebration 2011”, featuring a beautiful black-and-gold design, and images from the on-ice celebratory moments following the final horn on June 15:

Chicago Blackhawks STANLEY CUP CELEBRATION 2010 Commemorative Poster

Chicago Blackhawks STANLEY CUP CELEBRATION 2010 Commemorative Poster

Other great posters, as well as the official championship Pennant and Banner, are available in our Boston Bruins Collection.