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Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics Posters – USOC Beauties, but where’s the Primary Logo?

February 28, 2008

Official posters have been a big part of the Olympic movement for almost the entire modern era, with the first being this classic, published for the 1912 Stockholm Games:

Stockholm 1912 Olympic Games Official Poster Design

The poster that becomes the iconic  “Official Poster” is chosen by the IOC as part of the games themselves, so the Beijing 2008 Official Poster won’t be available for sale until the end of the year, at earliest. (View a history of each year’s Official Poster here; buy reprints for any year here). However, the local Olympic Organizing Committee usually releases a full range of posters in advance, including what becomes known by collectors as the “Primary Logo” poster.

As far as I can tell, there hasn’t been a single poster published yet by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG). This “Primary Logo” image has been floating around the internet, but there’s no evidence that it has actually been printed as the poster most collectors desire:


If anyone knows where to buy this as a poster, please post a link into the comments section below.

For American Olympic fans, the fine folks at St. Louis-based Fine Art Limited have once again partnered with the USOC to publish a spectacular line of Beijing Olympics posters featuring the work of many world-famous artists. At The Sports Poster Warehouse, we’re carrying the most sporting of the new designs. First, there’s this two-poster combo of gymnastics-themed posters from artists Hopper and Hua Chen:


Next, there’s this USA Swim Team commemorative, featuring the work of noted wildlife artist Susan Sommer-Luarca:


Next, the most attractive of all, Rip Kastaris’ “Victory Horses”, celebrating the official Olympic motto “Swifter Higher Stronger”:

Rip Kastaris Beijing 2008 Olympics Poster

Finally, there’s “We are the Champions”, a glorious cycling scene by whimsical Israeli artist David Schluss:

Beijing 2008 David Schluss Champions Poster

These beautiful posters are collector’s items in their own right – they’re next to impossible to find in stores.