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Super Bowl XLII (Arizona 2008) Official Event Poster – Just Released!

September 30, 2007

(Posted by Neil Flagg)

Super Bowl Collectors, the new poster is now out! Unveilling…the Official Event Poster for Super Bowl XLII:

 Super Bowl XLII (Arizona 2008) Official Poster

For the 11th straight year (and 12th time in last 13 years), the official poster has been produced by Chicago-based sports event poster publisher Action Images Inc., under license from the NFL. I can’t say I’m in love with this year’s design – a very simple Grand Canyon-inspired background, with a huge Vince Lombardi Trophy plunked on the cliff’s edge. I think the reflection in the base of the trophy is supposed to be the exterior of the spectacular new Cardinals Stadium in Glendale (the site of Super Bowl XLII), but I may be wrong. I’d still rank it ahead of last year’s too-much-blue Miami design, but far behind the inspired Motown design of Super Bowl XL in Detroit. Whatever you do, don’t blame the publisher – the official artwork is provided by the league, after receiving approval from the commissioner himself.

Not sure about other retailers, but we at The Sports Poster Warehouse have already received our first shipment, hot-off-the-press, so it’s in-stock and shipping now ($14.95). Also in stock is the annual “Super Tickets” poster, packing 41 years of Super Bowl history onto one great design.