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Classic Photo: Brett Favre’s Sports Poster-Filled Dorm Room, c.1989

October 9, 2013

An awesome picture somehow dug up by the sports gossip site! Some of the great old-school posters seen on Brett’s ceiling: Jose Canseco “40-40”, Jerry Rice “Goldfingers”, Michael Jordan “Big-Time” Door-Sized, Bo Jackson “Double Trouble” (Royals & Raiders), Dwight Gooden 1980s SI Poster, Joe Montana “Job Security”, and what looks like QB posters of Randall Cunningham and Warren Moon, among others. (Note that TerezOwens calls this “Brett Favre at 23”, but that would date this picture at 1992, when he was already an NFL QB with the Atlanta Falcons. Most likely, this is Brett in his Southern Miss dorm room, circa 1989.

Brett Favre in his Dorm Room at Southern Miss, c.1990.

Brett Favre in his Dorm Room at Southern Miss, c.1989.

Kevin Durant’s First Ever Poster!

March 9, 2009

Celebrating the first superstar of the Oklahoma City Thunder! This amazing poster features the dynamic scoring sensation Kevin Durant, looking great in his new OKC threads as he rolls to the hoop for an easy deuce. Spectacular action, awesome design – perfect for the wall of any fan, and a valuable first-season collector’s item for years to come!


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Pedroia and Longoria: The Top Two Young Guns In Baseball

January 6, 2009

This past MLB season provided a great deal of excitement, intensity and sensational play. Two of the biggest catalysts from this past season include the reigning American League MVP, Dustin Pedroia and the AL’s rookie of the year, Evan Longoria.

Pedroia, has become an instant star, having put up unbelievable numbers in his first two full seasons in the big leagues. He has already been named as the AL Rookie of the Year in 2007, an AL Gold Glove winner (2008), an AL Silver Slugger (2008), AL MVP (2008), on top of being a World Series Champion with the Boston Red Sox (2007). Pedroia is poised to have a remarkable career. From the world’s leading sports photography marketer, Photo File Inc., this is a high-quality, fully-licensed 16″x20″ print, published on heavy photographic stock, artistically designed to perfection, and affixed with an official MLB Properties holographic logo for authenticity.

Dustin Pedroia MVP 2008 Commemorative Poster Print


Longoria, on the other hand, was not an instant stat out of college. In fact, he didn’t even earn a scholarship out of highschool. He spent a year at community college and then earned his chance with Long Beach State. Since being drafted 3rd overall by the Tampa Bay Rays, Longoria has fought his way up to the Majors from Single A ball. He finally got his chance in the big leagues this April, and hasn’t looked back since. From the world’s leading sports photography marketer, Photo File Inc., this is a high-quality, fully-licensed 16″x20″ print, published on heavy photographic stock, and affixed with an official MLB Properties holographic logo for authenticity.

Evan Longoria ROY 2008 Commemorative Poster


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Vintage NCAA Football Posters

October 29, 2008

We here at Sports Poster Warehouse are uber excited! Why you may ask? Well, we just got in a brand new set of posters. These vintage NCAA football cover prints are from the 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s are simply awesome! Here’s a quick sample:

NC STATE WOLFPACK vs. Clemson 1947 Vintage Reprint Poster

ARMY VS. NAVY 1923 FOOTBALL GAME Vintage Program Cover Poster Reprint

University of California-Berkeley vs. Stanford Football 1923 Vintage Poster Print

Texas Longhorns Football 1934 Vintage Program Cover Poster Print

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The 2008 Dorm Room Top 10 – The Coolest Sports Posters for your College Wall

August 27, 2008

Looking for the hottest sports posters for your dorm room walls? It’s back-to-school time, and those big white marked-up institutional walls must not lie bare! As chosen by the staff at, here are the top 10 dorm room posters for the fall of 2008 (and don’t forget, we’ll ship directly to your dorm or student housing unit anywhere in the USA, for the low shipping cost of just $5.75 per order!):

10. “Skate Park Action II” – Awesome high-flying skateboarding action, in a full-bleed 24″x36″ poster.

9. “Endless Summer” Quad (Warhol-Style) – A new, ultra-hip spin on a classic iconic beach-bum icon:

8. Michael Jordan “6-Foot Slam” – A vintage classic, featuring the greatest basketball star of all-time in a nearly life-sized design:

7. David Beckham “Los Angeles” – Beautiful portrait of an international icon:

6. Muhammad Ali “Liston Knockout” (1965) – Selected as the greatest sports photograph of the 20th century by Sports Illustrated.

5. “Determination” Rock Climbing – Featuring feminist icon Charlotte Witton’s famous quote, “Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good…Luckily, this is not difficult.”

4. Michael Phelps “8 Gold!” Official S.I. Cover Poster – The historic Michael Spitz-esque image of the greatest-ever Olympian, just days after setting the world on fire with his 8-gold-medal performance in Beijing:

3. Marilyn Monroe “Pumping Iron” (1952) – Athleticism and beauty, in classic and historic black-and-white.

2. “Coolidge Dogs” Wall-Sized Triptych – The famous Dogs Playing Poker paintings, all three in one giant poster!

1. Richard Nixon Bowling – The ultimate in slacker chic! Since its appearance in The Big Lebowski, our #1 selling poster!

From Hippie Hearthrobs to Relentless Runners: Motivational Posters and Me

April 3, 2008

By Islay Julen, Operations Manager, Sports Poster Warehouse


I never bought a poster – sports or otherwise – when the craze hit in the 60’s. Yes, unfortunately, I do remember that far back, when it seemed you could find a poster shop on every block, alongside a record store or head shop!

Nevertheless, the psychedelic, Day-Glo poster art of that era (some of it now worth thousands) did appeal to me. How could it not? The likenesses of Davy Jones, the Beatles and countless other heartthrobs of the moment were immortalized in life-size images that stared out from the walls of rec rooms and bedrooms in the homes of virtually all my friends. But because money was in short supply during my growing-up years, whatever I earned went for other objects of my affection – make-up, love beads, and the like.

Back then, as well, I didn’t exactly see myself becoming an employee of the world’s largest online retailer of sports posters early in the new millennium. This is not to say that I didn’t fall in love with the job, because I did. Part of the reason for that, I suppose, was the way the job and its link to sports dove-tailed so nicely with other changes then going on in my life.  I had surprised everyone, especially myself, by becoming an avid distance runner, after years of refusing to do anything that made for perspiration! In the process, I emerged as the cliché convert, proselytizing anyone who’d listen on the joys of running and physical fitness. 

The first poster I ever purchased was for my partner, Stephen.  That piece of wall art, titled Winter Running, features a sentiment that we whole-heartedly share – “The air may chill, the snow may fall, but the runner’s passion never cools.”  Winter running, you’ve gotta do it to love it!

Winter Runner RUNNER’S PASSION Poster

My second poster was for my special “Running Room” (otherwise known as the den) at home. Long ago I became addicted to those shiny participation medals handed out at races and wanted to show them off to family and friends. So my partner and I mounted them (with other race paraphernalia) in shadow boxes on the four walls of our one-room running retreat.  To pull the display together, we needed a “statement piece.” So up on one wall went a poster called, Sharing the Passion, depicting a couple running together at sunset. 

Running Wall including Sharing the Passion Poster

Then, last year, I gave a poster to a young man whom I had the pleasure of spending some time with during the previous summer. He had run with his father, grandfather, and me in his first race ever – a 5Kand came in second in his age group. This, I thought, was clearly poster-worthy.  So back at work I found the perfect running poster, duly delivered it to him and enjoyed the smile it brought to his face.  Challenge Running was a great hit.  So for Christmas, Steve Prefontaine, one of America’s legendary short-distance runners, featured on one of our posters found it was into the Christmas packages  under their tree.  Not wanting his sister, an avid swimmer on her varsity team, to be left out, I picked out Destiny Lies Ahead.  She beamed (I thought) and it now graces her bedroom wall.

Womens Swimming Poster Destiny Lies Ahead

Now I’m in full poster giveaway mode. I found the perfect poster for the next run those three great guys (the young man, his father, and grandfather) will be running together.  The poster – “Winners”, featuring three people running together, away from the camera into the sunrise – will tickle me when they all sign it, and I have it mounted for preservation.

Winners Running Poster Running Trio

Do some of my family and friends think I go too far?  Do they consider my running walls cheesy? Probably. My joy in finding a passion knows no bounds, and for this I am willing to put up with huge amounts of ribbing. Motivational posters are my new best friend, so be careful. If I know you, I’ll probably find a perfect one for you sooner or later, pop it into a tube and send it your way.

Dale Earnhardt Jr #88 – New Posters and Flags, 2008

February 25, 2008

Celebrate the beginning of the #88 era with these new posters and flags of Dale Earnhardt Jr.  

After 8 years with the #8, Dale switches to the #88, which according to the NASCAR archives was driven by Ralph Earnhardt, his paternal grandfather, in 1957.  He now drives the #88 Mountain Dew AMP/National Guard in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series for Hendrick Motorsports. 

Dale Earnhardt Jr Amped Up

Dale Earnhardt Jr. "Amped Up" Poster

Dale Earnhardt Jr Patriot

Dale Earnhardt Jr. "Patriot" Poster

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. "Guard 88" 3'x5' Giant Flag

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. "AMP 88" 3'x5' Giant Flag