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#1 QB Tom Brady Out for the Season, NFL Quarterbacks #2-11

September 8, 2008

Here at Sports Poster Warehouse, we had Tom Brady as our number 1 ranked QB going into this year’s NFL season. However, disaster has struck both Brady and the New England Patriots, as in Sunday’s season opener, Brady suffered a season ending knee injury.

Not to worry though; the staff at has compiled a list of the next 10 best quarterbacks to look for this NFL season as well as each of their hottest poster!

11. Marc Bulger RAM POWER Poster

10. Vince Young SHINING STAR Tennessee Titans Poster

9. Ben Roethlisberger CROSSHAIRS Poster

8. Philip Rivers SUPERSTAR Football Poster

7. Donovan McNabb EAGLE EYE Poster

6. Eli Manning ONE GIANT LEAP Poster

5. Tony Romo SUPERSTAR Poster

4. Carson Palmer TIGER Poster

3. Drew Brees GOLDEN STAR Poster

2. Indianapolis Colts TD RECORD 2004 Poster

…And of course, the number 1 quarterback in the NFL…Get Well Soon Tom!

1. Tom Brady ON TARGET Poster

…Get Well Soon Tom!