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Thanks Trevor Linden!

December 18, 2008
After last night’s farewell and jersey retiring ceremony for Trevor Linden in Vancouver, one couldn’t help but be touched. Linden spent a total of 16 seasons with the Vancouver Canucks. He captured the hearts of Vancouver with his grit and determination on the ice, as well as the humanitarianism that he displayed off the ice. Linden was and will always be a leader. He holds many Vancouver Canucks records, including points scored and games played. Linden was always ready to represent his country in competition whenever he was called upon. We here at Sports Poster Warehouse want to thank Trevor Linden for all that he brought to the Vancouver Canucks, the sport of hockey and the community as a whole.
Trevor Linden CLASSIC Vancouver Canucks Poster

Trevor Linden HAB Poster


Trevor Linden GLOW Poster


On behalf of, thanks for everything Trevor!